IF: Fast

Finished, finally!

I'm working on turning this drawing from last summer into a painting...
The motorcycles were fast, but no one could beat the ravenous frog.


IF: Legendary

The holidays with their crazy cat-loving granny were legendary.


IF: Time

Thirty Turtles
Okay, I didn't have time to create a new illustration for IF because I wanted to paint something for my friend's 30th birthday on Tuesday. However, I did create this image in record time: less than 9 hours from sketch to finish, 14'" x 24" acrylic on masonite.


IF: Climbing

If he imagined he was the spider he wouldn't be afraid anymore. In his mind, he began climbing...


IF: Pale

His plans of world domination came to an abrupt halt when he paled at the sight of the spider.