I've moved!

Hello! If you're looking for my Illustration Friday submissions, I've moved them to robinsonillustration.com. Hope to see you there!


IF: Journey

So I missed Illustration Friday last week, but I'm going to put up my "Nighttime Journey" illustration anyway...because I really did do it just for that (just a little late!)


IF: Layer

Just a sliver... it didn't matter that the sliver included every single scrumptious layer of both cake and frosting. It was only a sliver so it didn't count. She was determined to lose a half a pound by the weekend.


IF: Sweater

Self-portrait this week... me at age 4. My mother had just learned how to knit and spent months knitting her first sweater just for me. It also turned out to be her last sweater. Sorry mom!


IF: Reverse

It was 5:00 - time for her daily dose of resveratrol. Or as she, ever so optimistically, liked to call it "Reverse-It-All".



IF: Deja Vu

"Oooh a CASTLE!! Why do I feel like I've seen this thing before..."


IF: Resolutions

One of my New Year's resolutions is to participate in Illustration Friday every week. One of her resolutions is to learn how to drive a flamingo.